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Amazon is much more than any other e-commerce brand and it has been leading the market for a very long time. There are tons of businessmen who have made Amazon their primary storefront to sell their goods and services via online mediums. Not long ago, it was made official that sellers associated with Amazon have the ability to create coupons for their customers and can decide on their business standards. is an Amazon-owned website link that lets individuals redeem coupons for amazing advantages, which includes discounts, sale on brands, sale for limited periods, and the like. You will get to understand the procedure of creating coupons on Amazon if you want to become a seller so that your potential consumer base can redeem them. THE ART OF CREATING COUPONS This section will fulfil your curiosity of how an Amazon seller can create coupons for the first time before their customers can use them on Begin with signing into your Amazon Seller account. Locate and go for “Advertising”> hit on “Coupons”. Get into the “Create your first Coupon” option link. Decide on products to add with its SKU or ASIN. Look for and get into the “Go and Add a coupon” link. Provide the details required for the coupon creation. Note: All the steps will be the same for the times when it’s not your first time, with only one difference- go for “Create a new coupon” instead of “Create your first coupon”. The data you need to provide is inclusive of the discount percentage or amount you want to offer, restrictions for coupon redemption, set validity duration, limit your target audience, and the like. Creating coupons with accurate data will help in making your brand/products visible to consumers and may result in increased sales volume, which further will lead to profits and a huge consumer base. Once, the coupons have been created and made live, users can get into and redeem them for the orders they place. CONCLUSION The above-detailed read would shift your focus from the buyer-side of Amazon to the seller-side of Amazon. You’ll get to know that the brand recently announced that sellers can create their own coupons for their consumers to benefit from. They get visibility and an increased consumer base, and consumers can get exclusive offers, discounts, sale options, etc., by redeeming the coupons on It’s a win-win tool for both parties on Amazon. META DESCRIPTION Know about the Amazon benefit that sellers get to create coupons of their own along with the process that users can redeem on 15 Bytes
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