Authored by Erica Baker

Brain gymnastics for seniors

It is very important to constantly maintain brain activity in old age, this will prevent the inevitable processes and prevent the development of forgetfulness, impaired coordination of movements, absent-mindedness, decreased concentration and other related age-related phenomena.

Here is a list of recommendations and exercises that will be a kind of gymnastics for the brain of an elderly person. They need to be performed regularly and constantly, according to the principle from simple to complex, from general to specific. With a systematic approach, it is possible to significantly reduce the onset of the unpleasant consequences of old age and maintain a sound mind, good memory and the ability to self-care.

Exercises for fine motor skills. The passivity of the lobes of the brain responsible for fine motor skills leads to difficulties with speech, teeth, and distorts the olfactory abilities. A whole range of activities and exercises can be used to develop fine motor skills. Activities must be devoted at least 20 minutes every day:

  • hand massage, use of massage balls;
  • finger gymnastics, exercises for the hands (flexion and extension);
  • modeling from plasticine, clay, dough;
  • simple types of needlework (weaving, embroidery, sewing, knitting);
  • drawing and coloring;
  • constructors and puzzles;
  • cutting, applique, scrapbooking.

Elderly people need to walk and relax more. Feasible physical activity is mandatory - walks, physiotherapy exercises, work in the garden, which enrich the blood with oxygen, promote the production of joy hormones, and allow cells to regenerate faster.

Free time should be used for the benefit of the mind. An excellent preventive measure is any intellectual activity - learning foreign languages, solving crosswords, solving puzzles, reading fascinating books, memorizing poetry.

Great brain training - doing familiar things in an unusual way, for example, drawing letters or shapes with both hands at the same time, combing your hair, brushing your teeth, doing familiar actions with your left hand instead of your right hand. Great brain training - colorful text. For this, the names of colors are written in a font of a different color, for example, the word "green" - in yellow and further by analogy. The older person's job is to name the font color, not read the word.

Schulte table. It is a square lined with zones, on which numbers from 1 to 25 are scattered in a chaotic manner. In the middle is the number 19, the task of the elderly person is to find all the numbers from 1 to 19, keeping the focus on the central number.

You need to constantly try new activities. You can try to master chess, backgammon, sudoku online, free web sudoku, modern board games, start playing table tennis, swimming, it is useful to go to the same place with different routes, try new recipes and change the usual way of action.

Exercises for the brain must be constantly combined with physical exercise. This will allow you to maintain good coordination, relieve cramps, spasms, muscle tension, etc. Exercises such as Cross Krol, Brain Buttons, Thinking Cap, Lazy Eights, Owl, Denisson Hooks work well.

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