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How to stream Hulu on a Smart HDTV?

If you have bought a Smart HDTV then it may have built-in applications into the hard drive. If your TV has a Hulu application then it becomes easy to activate it. Although, you can download and install Hulu on your TV, if not installed already. If you own a Smart HDTV and looking to activate Hulu on it then you are on the right page. Today, we are discussing the method to activate Hulu on Smart HDTV via hulu activtae in this post. Method to activate Hulu on Smart HDTV Turn on your Smart HDTV by plugging it into an AC power source Head to the app icons and look for the Hulu app If found, click on it to launch it on TV If not found, then head to the Smart HDTV app Store Now, download and install it on your Smart HDTV Once it completes the installation process, launch it on your TV Note down the activation code displayed on your TV Now, using a device, visit Login here using your Hulu login credentials Enter the activation code in the corresponding field Click on “Activate” and wait for few seconds Finally, the Hulu app will be activated on your Smart HDTV Conclusion In short, if you hold a Hulu account then it becomes very easy to activate it on your Smart HDTV via hulu activtae. You have to verify the activation code on your Hulu account. To do that, you have to log in to your Hulu account. In this post, we have stated the steps to activate Hulu on TV that will be surely helpful for you all. Visit each step one by one and finish the process to activate Hulu on Smart HDTV. Meta Description Looking for the method to activate Hulu on your Smart HDTV via hulu activtae? Here we have stated the steps for Hulu activation process:1. Turn on your TV 55 Bytes
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